Great ideas come from everywhere in our company. We are experienced professionals, well versed in many sectors of the real estate and development industry. We approach our work with curiosity and determination, using what we learn to challenge and create sustainable projects, communities and assets. At Maclab Development Group, we focus on building a dynamic team comprised of the best talent and leadership. We empower our team to build fulfilling and meaningful careers while remaining unwavering in our commitments to our stakeholders, tenants, and to each other.

Marc de La Bruyère
Principal & Managing Director
Marc de La BruyèreMarc de La Bruyère
Bill Blais
President & CEO
Bill Blais
Bruce Bentley
Chair of the Board of Directors
Bruce BentleyBruce Bentley
Michael Kwan
Chief Financial Officer
Michael KwanMichael Kwan
Toni Bos
Executive Assistant to Managing Director & President
Toni BosToni Bos
Jamey Singh
Vertical Development Manager
Jamey SinghJamey Singh
Jeff King
Senior Project Manager
Jeff KingJeff King
Janelle Brenner
Director of Marketing and Communications
Janelle BrennerJanelle Brenner
Lauren Henderson
Senior Development Associate
Lauren HendersonLauren Henderson
Paul Biagi
Residential Development Manager
Paul BiagiPaul Biagi
Candace Smashnuk
Commercial Property Administrator
Candace Smashnuk
Alizeh Raza
Property Accountant
Alizeh Raza
Darlington Mandondo
Darlington MandondoDarlington Mandondo
Kathryn Rebibes
Treasury & Project Accountant
Kathryn RebibesKathryn Rebibes
Gurmen Aujla
Real Estate and Investments Analyst
Gurmen AujlaGurmen Aujla
Marilyn Tran
Senior Accountant
Marilyn TranMarilyn Tran
Kimberly Ayers
Executive Assistant to Chair of the Board of Directors
Kimberly AyersKimberly Ayers
Derek Hansen
Corporate Accountant
Derek HansenDerek Hansen
Farzana Sultana
Project Accountant
Farzana SultanaFarzana Sultana
Kanchan Soni
Accounts Payable Administrator
Kanchan SoniKanchan Soni

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