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We put sustainability and longevity at the heart of every one of our developments. We actively embrace and implement leading-edge building standards, natural environment conservation efforts, and we consistently implement evolving sustainable practices in our communities.

Building Standards 

With every project – beyond our own commitment to uncompromising quality – we strive to meet m88 sportsnational and international standards, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), energy-efficient technology and applying climate resilient designs. Our goal, in every development or project, is to create sustainable, stable developments that leave long-standing legacies in the communities in which we build.


In our developments, we work to protect our natural environment through tree retention and planting, wetland and natural area preservation, and investment in wildlife corridors.

Sustainable Practices 

We are always improving the sustainability of our developments. From our long-standing practice of using sustainable construction materials, to integrating green spaces in our projects, to adopting new technology m88 sports betting appto make our build processes more efficient – we are committed to reducing our footprint while extending the longevity of what we build. 

Our Parks project used ECOPact as a concrete solution which enabled a 19% carbon emissions reduction from the original concrete design. For the 2200+m3 of concrete used, this green growth solution was the equivalent of providing electricity to 24 homes for one year, or 500K kilometres travelled by an average gas-powered vehicle.


We invest in the culture and character of our communities to make them vibrant, safe, and inclusive places to live. We know that supporting the arts, non-profits, and spaces where people can come together allows individuals, families, and businesses to thrive. Enabling that impact drives our passion to m88 sports betting reviewgive back and cultivates a sense of community.

Relationship with Community 

From conception to completion, we seek to involve community in every step of our developments; we actively engage with our local partners in order to address concerns, identify opportunities for improvement, and ultimately develop safe, connected and active neighbourhoods.

Employee-Driven Social Goals 

Our employees lead in their communities as they lead in Maclab. Both through individually identifying opportunities to lend support and collaborating on a strong social committee, the Maclab team is proactive in identifying new ways to support in our communities, whether that takes the form of support in a refugee crisis, helping out our neighbours during a flood, or contributing to food banks.

m88 casinoArts, Charity & Social Initiatives 

At Maclab Development Group, we invest strategically in the arts, non-profits, and community initiatives that we believe make our communities as a whole a better places to live. Organizations we support include:

  • Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta (YONA)
  • Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre (E4C)
  • Fringe Theatre Festival
  • The Art Gallery of Alberta
  • The Citadel Theatre
  • Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Winnifred Stewart Association & Foundation
  • The Red Cross’ efforts supporting Ukraine

Internal Excellence

Our corporate leadership philosophy is centered on equality of opportunity, continuous improvement, and ensuring that our successes are also those of our communities. Our internal culture celebrates accountability, transparency, and growth opportunities for every member of our m88 casinoteam – factors that have driven our success for the past 70 years.

Board and Leadership Conduct

Our Board and internal leadership maintain a high standard of transparency within the company and follow a robust code of ethics and procedures, including investing in audits to ensure that our standards and safeguards are met. Staff have access to a whistleblower program and regular communication from leadership about evolving issues.

Staff Opportunities 

Our team is the heart and soul of our success. Our workplace provides meaningful benefits and employee support, social inclusion, fair compensation, and continued opportunities for employee training and development; we know that when our team thrives, our projects will too.

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